4323 Main Street, Manayunk, Philadelphia  PA  19127

The Nickels building is a 6000 square-foot building centrally located in the heart of historic Manayunk, Philadelphia. Built in 1896, the building once housed an F.W' Woolworth "Five & Dime" on the first floor and dance and music hall on the second floor.

This dual use that once filled the building with the hustle and bustle of retail and the energy of dance and music will be realized again more than a century later.

The Nickels building will offer users a flexible and collaborative shared office space in which they can work, learn, create, exhibit, market and celebrate. The key word in this statement is flexible; a space that is able to quickly transform into whatever use is envisioned. 

Members of The Nickels Building will have access to a consistent schedule of Office Work Share where they may co-work, convene or co-market themselves during specified hours.  The event venue schedule will work around and within these member hours.  

our team:


Jim Bauer - COO, One Nickel LLC and General Manager @ The Nickels Building Manayunk

Jim is the president and CEO of M7 Media and MainStCEO which he will operate out of The Nickels Building.  He has 30 years of sales and marketing experience.  He has designed, marketed and acted as the sales agent for websites, magazines, weblogs, and video content for various online platforms. 

Anne Gallagher - Manager, Canteen Works @ The Nickels Building

Anne Gallagher is a seasoned restaurant professional.  Coincidentally, she started her food career on Main Street in Manayunk in 1990 with her own business Main-ly Desserts.  During her tenure at “Main-ly” she won many awards, including the prestigious "Best of Philly" award several times. Gallagher has kept her involvement in the Manayunk community, and remains an avid supporter of North Light Community Center.

Amy Lipton - Curator One Nickel LLC

Amy Lipton is an independent curator and co-director of ecoartspace, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising environmental awareness in the arts since 1999.  Lipton has collaborated with hundreds of artists and partnered with numerous organizations to produce exhibitions, public art works, programs, and events. She was the owner/director of Amy Lipton Gallery, a contemporary art gallery in New York City from 1986 – 1996. Lipton has organized exhibitions and events for museums, galleries, sculpture parks, universities, environmental centers, corporate offices, and in the public realm. She writes for books, print and online publications; organizes panel discussions and gives lectures at schools and universities on art and its relationship to the natural environment. Learn more about Amy Lipton at: 
​http://www.liptonarts.com and www.ecoartspace.blogspot.com

THE NICKELS BUILDING - a division of One Nickel LLC

Those who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it            George Bernard Shaw

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Our Mission

The Nickels Building is brought to you by One Nickel LLC, a company whose primary mission is to create abundance for its members through creative collaboration, retail incubation, education and artistic expression.  As part of the One Nickel culture 5 cents out of every member plan dollar will go towards a fund that awards scholarships and use of the space for non-profits and those individuals who may not currently be able to afford a membership in our community. 

Contact us to find out more about our mission and how to apply for a One Nickel Community Scholarship.